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Hiba Completely obsessed with food, fashion and exercise.

I started this blog after finding that no matter how much I exercised, I was not losing weight. I tried so many different diets (paleo, atkins, dukkan, lemon-detox – all of the latest fads) and found that none of them were sustainable. If the whole reason for my weight gain was that I loved food, then I needed to adapt all of my favourite recipes without compromising the flavour. Being Lebanese, food is integral to the way we socialise. The food I created needed to be loved and eaten by everyone.

I have completed a Cert 4 in Commercial Cookery which grounded me in cooking basics (I can julienne a carrot perfectly and make the most amazing béchamel), and my professional background has been in developing policies and programs for disadvantaged people and now high-level strategic and business planning for a large political organisation.

In 2012, passionate about health and wellbeing outcomes for people who cannot afford good nutrition and exercise programs, I developed a population based project which was aimed at providing access to a range wellbeing programs and improving health outcomes for disadvantaged communities. The pilot for this project won a Heart Foundation Award and a much bigger version went on to receive almost a million dollars in Government funding. It is one of my proudest achievements to date.

Whereas I am no longer involved in the above project, I still champion healthy living. Creating myhealthygourmet and developing healthy, nutritious recipes that (hopefully) everybody will love.


ZoeMarshall.com: I recently contributed a few of my recipes to current IT girl Zoe Marshall’s blog. To see some of her favourites click here: http://zoemarshall.com/author/hiba-soueid/

More to come.

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